Bií Hioxo runs Experimental Education Workshop for Juchitán firefighters


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm, in coordination with the Laanu Group, carries out actions to benefit the Juchitán community.

Two Experiential Education workshops were carried out with the Juchitán Firefighters, the first to mark Firefighter Day in Mexico. Thirteen members of the fire brigade took part, with the aim of strengthening the integration, teamwork and commitment that firefighters have with the community, in addition to offering them a space where they could have fun and learn.

It is worth mentioning that six Xquendas volunteers helped out with the activities, in which good group management was highlighted.

The firefighters were presented with some corporate gifts in recognition of the work they do and the activities worked on two aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Social commitment and interest in people.

With these actions through the Biío Hioxo Wind Farm, Naturgy affirms its commitment to one of the most valued institutions in Mexico and to the Juchitán community.