Breast Cancer Awareness Session


To commemorate the World Breast Cancer Day (19 October), we held the first breast cancer awareness sessions in Kampala (Uganda). They took place on 25th and 26th November, and were promoted by the local GPG team in that country.

A total of 45 participants attended, including the Operation and Maintenance employees of the three stations that GPG operates in the country, as well as the wives of the employees.

The sessions included presentations by medical specialists in the field. In addition to the talks, a medical check-up for early detection of breast cancer was carried out for the participants.

During the first day, the methods for the early detection of cancer were explained, i.e., how to carry out self-examination at home and routine check-ups to prevent the disease. There were also interventions by Nkesiga Foundation and Rays of Hope Hospice, two organisations that work with cancer patients in various locations in the country.

“I am very pleased that the message we have tried to communicate ‘detection is better than cure’ has struck a chord with the attendees. One of the big health challenges in countries with low levels of development like Uganda is that only a minority have access to health services, and for this reason, having cancer is like a death sentence, because when it is detected, it is already at a very late stage. For this reason, we seek to help and make women in our community feel that they are accompanied” (MILAGROS VILLENA PEREZ, Head of GPG Uganda).

Undoubtedly a much-needed initiative that helps to promote good practices and to strengthen ties with local communities.

The best way to fight breast cancer is to promote early detection!