More than 4 GW and activities in 10 countries

GPG emerged in 2014 with the impetus a major energy group can give to a new project, but also with experience and strength from its extensive career in the generation sector. GPG has owned a generation capacity of more than 3.500MW in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uganda, manages around 4.300 MW and added 510 MW in projects awareded in Chile, Brazil and Australia.

Integrated value chain

GPG has integrated the entire value chain in the development of generation business, by incorporating expertise on project development, generation engineering and the operation and management of power generation assets in a single company, while leveraging the support of the different areas of the Naturgy Group.

Having know-how and experience in developing projects in all electricity production technology (combined cycle, coal, hydro, wind, etc.) allows GPG to be one of the most expert developers in the industry.


ico_check_naranjaEfficiency and reliability

ico_check_naranjaGlobal knowledge management

ico_check_naranjaFocus on the business plan

ico_check_naranjaSafety: the absolute priority

ico_check_naranjaHigh level of internationalisation


Combined cycle

We have an installed capacity in combined cycle power plants of 2,448 MW in Mexico and Puerto Rico. We also operate 516 MW in Mexico for an external client.



122 MW of installed capacity in the installations in Costa Rica and Panama. We also operate 250 MW in Uganda for an external client.


Wind power

We have an installed wind farm capacity of 234 MW in Mexico, 204 MW in Chile and 270 MW in Australia.


Thermal plants

We have a total of 190 MW in thermal power plants in Dominican Republic.


Photovoltaic power plant

At present, our solar projects are mainly located in Brazil and Chile with a total power of around 280 MW.