High reliability and low environmental impact

One of the oldest and most widely used technologies in the world, using the potential energy of water stored behind dams or flowing in run-of-the-river plants. It is extremely reliable to use and highly flexible, adapting to variations in demand, with a negligible environmental impact.

GPG has an installed capacity of 122 MW in its installations in Costa Rica and Panama. It also operates 250 MW in Uganda for an external client.


Over 100 years

International Operations

America and Africa

Dams and power plants

Run-of-the-river, with reservoir, reversible pump turbine, etc.

High availability

Above sector average

We have more than 100 years of valuable experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of dams and hydroelectric power plants of every kind (run-of-the-river, with reservoir, reversible pump turbine, etc.) in Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, etc. The high availability we achieve is above the sector average, thanks to our accumulated capacity and experience, without the need for constant technical supervision. Throughout, we maintain a clear commitment to safety, quality, and the environment.


ico_check_naranjaCH Torito (Costa Rica): a 50 MW hydroelectric plant. With Torito, GPG has become the largest private producer of electricity in the country, with a total 100 MW of installed power. Torito Hydropower Plant was inaugurated in november 2015.

ico_check_naranjaLa Joya (Costa Rica): a 50 MW hydroelectric plant, which since coming online in 2006 has amply exceeded the stringent conditions for operation, while setting the bar as the private plant with the lowest power prices in the country, demonstrating its very high level of operational efficiency.

ico_check_naranjaIn Panama, our plants include Algarrobos, Yeguada, Dolega and Macho de Monte, operated remotely from CCG Dolega.


Our third-party services include our outstanding work as the operator of the 250 MW Bujagali Hydroelectric Power Station (Uganda) on the Nile since 2012 (the date it started operating). This plant is hugely important to the stability of the grid in Uganda, and it is in use practically non-stop, 24 hours a day.

Project Portfolio

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