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Solar photovoltaic energy is a renewable energy source that produces electricity from the sun’s radiation. It comes from a renewable energy source and so its resources are unlimited. Power production produces no emissions, operating costs are very low and maintenance is simple. The installation consists of solar panels.

Solar power installations use solar modules or panels as generators that capture the solar energy and convert it into electricity. This produces a constant flow of low-voltage electricity. An inverter transforms this direct current into an alternating current with the same characteristics as that of the electricity grid to which it will be connected for use.

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Trends in the solar power sector have led to the development, construction, operation and maintenance of large-scale power plants using the latest module technologies (mono-PERC, half-cell, bifacial), single-axis trackers and inverters.

The design of new plants is taking into consideration the results obtained at our laboratory, where we are testing the various module technologies that exist in the market.


The assets currently in operation under the GPG umbrella include:


ico_check_naranjaSobral I and Sertao I Photovoltaic Power Plants (Brazil):  Two solar power plants of approximately 35 MWp each, located in the State of Piauí, northern Brazil. They were built in the record-breaking time of eight months, with an investment of approximately 85 million euros. They entered commercial operation in September 2017 and represent the first photovoltaic generation project developed by Global Power Generation (GPG). The two power plants, which produce 154 GWh annually, are linked to an agreement with the Brazilian State system for the sale of power over 20 years. Each plant occupies an area of 100 hectares, on which more than 100,000 panels have been installed.

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ico_check_naranjaGuimarânia I & II Photovoltaic Power Plant (Brazil): The 83 MWp plants are located in the State of Minas Gerais and went to operation in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This will be the second electricity generation project by GPG in Brazil. It is estimated that the project will produce 165 GWh annually. These projects, to be built by GPG, are associated with a generated power sales agreement over 20 years with the Brazilian State system.


ico_check_naranjaThe Inca de Varas I & II Solar Farm, awarded during the 2015/01 Supply Tender alongside the 204 MW Cabo Leones II Wind Farm, is located in the municipality of Copiapó in the Atacama region. The design includes a total power of 120 MWp. The power generated using solar radiation will be added to the Central Interconnected System of Chile (SIC) via a transmission line that will connect the solar farm to the Carrera Pinto Substation.

The farm is expected to enter operation in January 2021, for which construction should begin in mid-2019.

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