Continuous electricity production

This technology generates electricity by burning coal and fuel.

To reduce the environmental impact of these plants, Naturgy is researching solutions to capture and store the CO2 emitted by its thermal plants.

GPG has a total of 189,5 MW in thermal power plants in the Dominican Republic and Kenya.


20 years

International Presence


High Disponibility

Internal and External Audits

Numerous corporate social responsibility programmes with the communities in the vicinity of the plants help improve relations with the population and the surrounding environment year after year, encouraging synergies which enrich the brand and its know-how wherever we operate.

All our activities are carried out with strict safety, quality and environmental guarantees. This commitment is audited regularly and is always rated highly, both in internal and external audits, including audits by local governments.

Internal combustion engines

Our nearly 20 years of experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of internal combustion engine electricity plants in Africa (Kenya and Madagascar) and Central America (Dominican Republic and Panama) can be considered a success story. We work with well-known technical firms such as Wärtsilä, MAN and Niigata, maintaining excellent relationships with all of them.

With a reduction in specific consumptions of oil and fuel thanks to scrupulous operations and maintenance, the plants we operate reach very high availability rates, maximising the performance of PPA-type contracts they are based on.

The asset currently in operation under the GPG umbrella include:


ico_check_naranjaPalamara and La Vega (Dominican Republic)

Coal-fired thermal power plants

In coal-fired thermal power plants we make use of our extensive experience in Spain over the last 50 years in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of the plants:

ico_check_naranjaCT Narcea with 596 MW (1965)

ico_check_naranjaCT La Robla with 655 MW (1970)

ico_check_naranjaCT Meirama with 580 MW (1980)

ico_check_naranjaCT Anllares with 365 MW (1982)

ico_check_naranjaCT Sabón with 470 MW (1972 – currently being decommissioned)

We also execute improvement projects in these plants to improve their competitiveness (Project Fausto [CT Meirama]: modifying a boiler to use imported coal, and completely updating the control system) and to help them meet the increasing environmental requirements (desulphuriser, etc.).

Project Portfolio

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