A clean, inexhaustible and extremely environmentally-friendly energy source

Wind power is one of the world’s most mature and widely used renewable technologies, using the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity. It is a clean, inexhaustible and extremely environmentally-friendly energy source. Its efficiency has made it a major part of Naturgy’s commitment to the future.

GPG has wind farms with an installed capacity of 234 MW in Mexico, 204 MW in Chile and in Australia we have a capacity of 270 MW between Berrybank 1 (awarded in 2018 for a capacity of 180 MW) and Crookwell II. 


More than 30 years

International Operations

America and Oceania

Real-time monitoring

DOCE (Windpower Operation and Control Office)

In 1990 we were the pioneers in Spain and Europe with one of the largest prototypes installed at that time (1.2 MW), and since then we have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms in Spain and Mexico. In 2016 we added awarded wind farms in Chile and Australia.

The diversity of our growing portfolio and our successful operations so far demonstrate the value of all the experience we have acquired while managing our wind farms, whether with our own staff or through hired technicians, and let us reach high levels of uptime and production. All of this is supported by DOCE (Centralised Windpower Operation Office), from which all the group’s wind farms are operated and supervised. All of our activities are carried out with strict safety, quality and environmental guarantees.

The plan of operations is integrated with a corporate social responsibility programme oriented towards improving relations with the communities where the wind farms are located and reinforcing the company’s image.


Highlights from among the sites currently in operation and awarded projects encompassed within GPG include:

ico_check_naranja Bii Hioxo (Mexico): In operation since late 2014 and with an installed capacity of 234 MW, this is one of the largest wind farms in Latin America. It reinforces GPG’s commitment to this type of technology with a presence in one of the locations with the greatest wind resources (Isthmus of Mexico). 

ico_check_naranjaCabo Leones II (Chile): Cabo Leones II wind farm, 204 MW

ico_check_naranjaCrookwell II (Australia): Investment of over 177 million Australian dollars (approximately 120 million euros) in the construction of the 91 MW power output Crookwell II wind farm and in other related investments. It is expected that it will start operating during the second half of 2018.

ico_check_naranja Berrybank 1 (Australia): With the award of Berrybank 180 MW wind farm, which will receive an investment of 259 million Australian dollars, GPG has entered the top five independent renewable energy operators in Australia with a renewable capacity of approximately 270 MW in the region.

Geographical presence

Projects in production

We continue to be committed to wind power generation, and we have the following projects under construction:

ico_check_naranjaCabo Leones II (Commune of Freirina, Chile): the wind farm will have a capacity of 205.8 MW and power of 2.204 MW. It is located on a 3,500-hectare plot in the Commune of Freirina, in Huasco province (Chile) in a zone declared by the Chilean government to be an energy development pole of non-conventional Renewable Energies. The work, which began in 2019, aims to facilitate the start of production before the end of 2020.


ico_check_naranjaBerrybank 1 (Berrybank, Australia): the wind farm covers 5,000 hectares and consists of 79 turbines. In its first phase it has a total installed capacity of 180.6 MW and after completion will produce 650 GWh per year, enough to cover the electricity demand of 138,000 homes.