Caring for sea turtles, a further example of our commitment to biodiversity

campamento_tortuguero_donación_cuatrimoto_gpg_mexico Mexico

Sea turtles have lived in our planet’s oceans for tens of millions of years and play a highly important role in marine ecosystems. However, most of these species are in danger of extinction.

Only one in a thousand hatchlings reach maturity, owing to the large number of threats they face from the very start (human predation, water pollution, etc.) Preserving the safety and lives of these chelonians is a matter of urgency.

Tuxpan, Veracruz, is the setting for Villamar beach, where CCC Tuxpan III & IV returns seawater it has used for cooling its condensers. This beach is frequented by females of several different species of sea turtle which regularly return to their hatching place to nest and lay their eggs. The beach is also home to one of the 32 turtle rescue centres where work is carried out to preserve these animals in Mexico.

We have to be particularly careful with the quality of the water we put back in the ocean so that small eggs can be laid and hatchlings can emerge from them and return to the sea, because these species are under threat,” explains Francisco Cerezo (Control technician at CCC Tuxpan III & IV).

We at GPG are seriously committed to caring for the environment and protecting sea turtles. To do that, we exhaustively monitor the water we return to the sea, carry out tasks to look after our local beaches and actively participate in improving the Villamar turtle camp, work that underpins our company’s great sense of responsibility towards and interest in conservation and biodiversity.