We celebrate the first edition of INOVA QUILOMBO in Brazil


More than 250 community members participate in the event and receive basic social and health facilities in their communities.

During December, the first edition of the INOVA QUILOMBO social programme took place around the Sobral I photovoltaic plant, located in Piauí (Brazil). The aim of this programme is to support development and promote a positive social impact on the Quilombola indigenous communities in our area of operation, made up of some 320 families from the Riacho dos Negros and Saco-Cortume territories.

The programme consisted of bringing basic social and health services (medical care, simple medical tests, psychological and social care) to these isolated and highly vulnerable communities. Cultural and children’s workshops were also carried out with the support of our local social manager, as well as volunteers from the local NGO EcoVida and the municipal services of São João do Piauí. More than 250 people from all communities attended the event and took advantage of the services provided.

In addition, this edition had as its main theme the professional training of young people and adults from the communities in practical disciplines to promote the productive development of beekeeping, gastronomy, and personal care. 45 people from the communities were able to take advantage of this opportunity.

INOVA QUILOMBO is part of the social action plan that we are developing in the area. The objective is to promote equal opportunities and encourage local development and the creation of shared value in the operational environment of our Sobral I photovoltaic plant” (Stenio Fukui, GPG Brazil Operations).