At Global Power Generation (GPG), any form of optimisation allows us to strengthen the flexibility and agility that has always characterised Naturgy

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At the end of 2019, the GPG Optimisation and Technical Supervision unit completed the most important phase of the project to simplify its documentation system. We can already see the positive effects of this initiative on the management system.

With this milestone, GPG has fulfilled its goal of unifying seven appendices of the Management System Manual into just one, which covers the management of all processes more efficiently. This unification has lead to several advantages. For example, it has made the management of common processes more standardised and has allowed management to review the system. It has also allowed us to plan objectives, internal audits, and measure customer satisfaction levels, among other benefits.

Constantly motivated, all the hard work that this project entailed paled in comparison to the benefits of completing the project before the year was out. This vision finally became a reality after receiving final approval in the last days of 2019. This simplification project would not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of all colleagues from the technical units of GPG, and we would like to thank all of them for their work.

Following its creation in 2014, GPG currently manages assets in 10 countries, has more than 25 power generation plants that use different technologies and executes a wide variety of generation engineering projects worldwide. All of the processes associated with this intense activity were regulated by multiple appendices to Naturgy’s Quality, Health and Safety Management System Manual, one for each country or unit: Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, GPG Operations, O&M Energy, Generation Development and Engineering and many more.