General Electric to supply wind turbines for Crookwell 2 Wind Farm

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Global Power Generation Australia (GPG) has chosen GE to supply and install wind turbines in one of the largest renewable energy regions in Australia. Once it is finished in 2018, the Crookwell 2 Wind Farm will produce an energy supply equivalent to the electricity consumption of 41,600 homes in Canberra.

The 91 MW Crookwell 2 Wind Farm, near Goulburn in New South Wales, will support the commitment made by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to supply 100% of its electricity from renewable resources after the ACT Government awarded the zone’s feed-in tariff rights to GPG.

The project, which is scheduled for completion in September 2018, will have 28 wind turbines. Once in operation, the wind farm will produce a surplus of 300,000 megawatts per hour in a standard year, with zero carbon emissions, an energy supply equivalent to the electricity consumption of 41,600 homes in Canberra.

Crookwell 2 will be the first wind farm in Australia for Global Power Generation, which aims to close more long-term purchase agreements for other significant renewable energy projects by GPG in Australia.

General Electric will supply and install a total of 28 3.4 MW wind turbines, fitted with rotors measuring 130 metres. GE is rapidly becoming one of the preferred technology suppliers for Australian wind farms and this announcement comes after similar agreements on large-scale projects in Silverton, New South Wales and Ararat, Victoria.

Lluís Noguera, CEO of Global Power Generation

“We are thrilled to be working with GE and local contractors on a project that will provide a significant boost to the energy transition process currently under way in the Australian Capital Territory and throughout the country.”

He went on to explain: “This is the first milestone for Global Power Generation in Australia. We have a series of projects that offer competitive energy prices to retailers, private customers and public activities, and some of them are now ready for construction.”

Geoff Culbert, Chairman and CEO of GE Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

GE will use the best technology on this project, which will benefit the environment, local economy and local community.” He added that: “By working in conjunction with Global Power Generation Australia, we are thrilled to be playing an active role in a project that will create 80 direct construction jobs and 14 ongoing operational jobs in the local area.”

Australian Wind Alliance

Local sheep farmer, Charlie Prell, whose Gundowringa property will house some of the 28 turbines, says that the wind farm is a game-changer for him and other landowners. “It gives you the financial flexibility to change your stocking rate, to spell pastures, to manage water courses much more sustainably and environmentally because you’ve got the passive income stream and you’re not totally reliant on the income from the stock, which is totally related to the weather and pasture conditions.”

Charlie Prell has launched the Australian Wind Alliance in New South Wales, which helps advise and coordinate other farmers. Part of his work has been to support agreements with other neighbours in order for local farmers who have been unable to house turbines on their properties can also benefit from this situation.