GPG celebrates its 10th anniversary in Uganda

uganda-10-aniversario-gpg Uganda

On Friday 16 April, Global Power Generation (GPG) celebrated its tenth anniversary of operations in Uganda with participation by staff from the Bujagali and Achwa II hydropower plants

The first step towards this milestone took place in 2011 when an O&M contract was signed for Bujagali hydropower plant (250 MW), just a few kilometres north of Lake Victoria. GPG’s presence in Uganda was later consolidated when an O&M contract was signed in 2018 for Achwa II hydropower plant (41 MW) in the north-east of the country.

After a year spent organising and preparing to operate the plant, commercial operations began in 2012, doubling Uganda’s installed capacity. Since then, GPG has made a name for itself as the best operator in the country and region, and has contributed to the professional development of the local workforce by making a firm commitment to training all collaborators and to complying with the highest quality, health and safety and production standards. It has also been committed to a comprehensive programme of corporate social responsibility focused on developing the communities around the site.

Francisco Bustío (CEO GPG): “Everyone should feel deeply proud. Our expectations have been more than exceeded over the past ten years.”

Marcelo Uriel (O&M Manager GPG): “We put a great deal of resolve into this project. Ten years later we want to carry on helping to make Uganda prosper. I’d like to offer all my thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to this success.”