GPG contributes towards the fight against COVID-19 in Brazil


On 6 May, the Hospital Maternidade Municipal Mãe Elisa inaugurated a new intensive care unit with all the necessary facilities to treat patients with severe COVID-19 (mechanical ventilators, defibrillators, monitors, etc.).

This notable improvement in the healthcare facilities was possible thanks to the donation made by Global Power Generation (GPG) and the local authorities of Sao Joao do Piauí, and will have a positive impact on the medical attention received by local residents in the areas surrounding our Sobral and Sertao Solar Power Plants.

In addition to this initiative, GPG is also carrying out social and educational projects to help the vulnerable population in São João do Piauí, in order to promote equal opportunities and boost socio-economic development in its operational environment. This activity is in line with its corporate responsibility policy, which promotes the creation of shared wealth with a positive social impact in the regions where it conducts its activities.