GPG involved in several initiatives for looking after and protecting the environment in Mexico


GPG plays an active part in sustainable initiatives to strengthen its commitment to looking after and protecting the environment. Proof of this can be seen in the initiatives that have been launched in the surroundings of some of the company’s power generation facilities in Mexico.

Tuxpan III
Combined Cycle Power Plant


GPG has donated a quadricycle to the R-5 Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Centre (CPCTM), with the aim of supporting night-time patrols and promoting the care of chelonians. The initiative protected the lives of some 1,500 sea turtles from the species Chelonia mydas in 2020.

Bií Hioxo
Wind Farm


GPG has completed its reforestation project in the San Antonio community, in the municipality of San Miguel Chimalapas, where 168.7 hectares have been reforested.

Norte Durango
Combined Cycle Power Plant


GPG has carried out the reforestation of 50 trees at the Abraham González Primary School. This has been done in coordination with power plant staff and the local community. The company has also provided an environmental education workshop aimed at the school community to raise their awareness and spread its corporate values.

Combined Cycle Power Plant


GPG has carried out research to learn about the fauna inhabiting this geographical zone, to ensure it is maintained and safeguarded. One of its discoveries is that this desert area is inhabited by the round-tailed ground squirrel, a small rodent that promotes the balance of our ecosystem. In addition, a total of 50 trees have been planted in the vicinity of the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Primary School, with the aim of contributing to the region’s environmental upkeep. The trees are from the Mezquite, Palo Verde and Neem species.

These initiatives are enshrined in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and are a cornerstone of its activity. In that regard GPG will continue to promote projects that contribute to responsible environmental management, bringing about sustained changes over time to preserve biodiversity and have a positive impact on the environments it operates in.