GPG joins wholesale electricity market in Mexico


In January 2017, GPG received permission to launch operations in the Mexican market with 30 MW of power from the Norte Durango Combined Cycle Power Plant, a facility that began operating commercially in August 2010. Its construction, which began in early 2008, led to a transformation in Durango by being one of the largest construction projects undertaken in the State.

With this move GPG, which has an installed capacity in Mexico of 2,000 MW from combined cycle plants and 234 MW from a wind farm, is consolidating the Gas Natural Fenosa group’s desire to become an active player in the opening up of the market and deregulation of the energy sector in this country. Furthermore, it will provide the option of generating more surplus energy at the Norte Durango plant at a better margin than under the previous regime. More specifically, it plans to generate 100 GWh/year more in 2017 than in 2016 and increase the EBITDA by one million euros.

At present, the goal is to improve operations and gain increased knowledge of the regulations, which continue to be published, in order to streamline operations in the market for further power increases planned at the plants in Mexico.