Health and safety: prevention is the key

Health and safety

Prevention is one of the main key strategic action areas for Global Power Generation, which is mainly aimed at eradicating workplace accidents and respecting the health of all those working at facilities managed by GPG.

The Health and Safety Commitment Plan was created with this in mind. This cross-cutting project promoted by senior management represents an irrevocable commitment, applies to all countries while adapting to the social reality in each one, and also applies to all employees and partner companies.

The Health and Safety Commitment arose from the challenge to foster a cultural change within the Gas Natural Fenosa Group by underpinning the belief that it is a responsibility for management and individuals, guaranteeing the health and safety of all those involved, converting us into a benchmark in this field worldwide and establishing this commitment as a strategic lever towards standardisation and efficiency, streamlining results and striving towards a zero accident rate.

We undertake numerous activities aimed at raising awareness, so that health and safety issues are taken on board as personal concerns and commitments by all the group’s employees and contractors. In short, the goal is for everyone to be constantly mindful of the principles that steer the Gas Natural Fenosa policy in this regard:

ico_check_naranjaNothing is more important than health and safety

ico_check_naranjaEvery accident can be avoided

ico_check_naranjaSafety is a Management responsibility

ico_check_naranjaIt is also an individual responsibility

ico_check_naranjaAll work should be planned and carried out with safety in mind

By implementing the Health and Safety Commitment, the accident rate has been reduced by 54% in less than three years throughout the group. However, we are not happy with simply complying with legal obligations and we are committed to ongoing improvement.