Improvements at the Tuxpan plant to help compete in Mexican energy industry

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GE, the leading digital industry company, worked with GPG on the project to modernise two of the M501F gas turbines and two steam turbines based on Cross-Fleet technology at the Tuxpan plant owned by the company in Veracruz, Mexico.

These upgrades bring new hardware to the gas turbines with material technology patented by GE and a better motor architecture. Furthermore, the combustion dynamics monitoring system in the steam turbines has been improved, which helps identify potential combustion problems before they arise.

Modernisation of the turbines has led to a 9.2% production increase and a 2.9% efficiency improvement in the gas turbines. It was also possible to extend the maintenance intervals to 32,000 hours for the 450 MW plant. This means that the energy is transported more competitively around the eight States in the country and to the more than 1.5 million people to whom GPG offers its services.

“The best Cross-Fleet from GE for our 501F machines has obtained better results than we expected, which has meant we can obtain greater value from our machines and increase performance by our plant. Having a service provider like GE that can undertake plant-wide improvements is important. One of our greatest concerns when upgrading a gas turbine is guaranteeing that the rest of the plant can support any performance change”, said our Operations Manager, Fernando Ramos.