GPG Mexico is committed to communities in Tuxpan

The company is taking more action to support the environment and local communities surrounding our facilities. In this instance, we are cleaning the estuary of the Chacoaco community (Tuxpan, Veracruz), a community living near our Tuxpan III and IV combined cycle power plant.


We renovate the “El Juchiteco” football grounds

As part of our commitment to social development and the community, GPG Mexico has helped to renovate the “El Juchiteco” football grounds located near our Bií Hioxo Wind Farm in Juchitán de Zaragoza (State of Oaxaca, Mexico).

República Dominicana

New CEMS started up in the Dominican Republic

The Palamara and La Vega thermal power plants in the Dominican Republic are the first to have been adapted to the new technical environmental regulations, and are the only ones based on this technology where continuous monitoring systems have been installed.


GPG Mexico donations

At GPG, we will continue to promote actions that contribute to improving living conditions for residents in the towns where we operate.