Bií Hioxo Wind Farm holds oral health day

Bií Hioxo Wind Farm, through the community development area (Laanu) and in coordination with the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Institute of Higher Studies (IESIT) held an Oral Health Day at the Año de Juárez Primary School – one of the largest schools in the Seventh Section neighbourhood.


At GPG, we are committed to education

Last January GPG, together with the Municipal Government of Tuxpan, gave 420,000 pesos in scholarships to high school distance-learning diploma students in the Aire Libre Kilómetro 15 community.


Jóvenes quilombolas inician su carrera universitaria gracias a GPG

GPG lanza un completo programa de becas para facilitar el acceso a estudios de nivel superior a jóvenes con recursos económicos limitados de las comunidades indígenas quilombolas de la región de São João do Piauí (Brasil), donde opera nuestra planta fotovoltaica Sobral I.


School environmental activities in Juchitán

As part of the activities of the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm’s community development area (Laanu Group), a forestation project was carried out with the Año de Juárez Primary School in the Seventh Section neighbourhood of Juchitán, as a way of doing environmental education activities through experiential education.