Bií Hioxo Wind Farm carries out environmental education activities


As part of the activities carried out by the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm’s community development area (Laanu Group), a link was established with the Binu Gada Primary School in Juchitán to carry out environmental education through educational workshops.

One of these was a visit to the facilities of the ecological forum by 28 primary school students, 3 mothers and 6 teachers, who were able to learn about local flora and fauna, conservation actions, and climate change. Afterwards, they completed a tour of the different areas of the ecological forum: the turtle pen, aviary, iguanarium, composting area and nursery.

Interestingly, the primary school is run by one of the owners of the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm who is enthusiastic about the activities that Naturgy, through Bií Hioxo, is carrying out with Juchitán children.