Bií Hioxo Wind Farm hosts “Nacanu Bií” 2019 summer courses


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm, in coordination with the Laanu Group, carries out actions to benefit the Juchitán community.

One of these was the 2019 Summer Course, which focused on 4 main areas – Peace Culture, Environment, Sports and Arts– and was aimed at girls, boys and adolescents (between 6 and 15 years of age).

The first stage of the course took place at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Institute of Higher Studies (IESIT) thanks to a collaboration agreement which resulted in two weeks of summer courses. The first was attended by 104 children, with 35 volunteers, and the second week by 92 children, with 26 volunteers. During both weeks there were 4 group coordinators and 2 operations and programme coordinators.

By the end, the objective of designing and applying the programmes, contents and dynamics of a summer course had been achieved, in a context of security and social learning within the community, in addition to integrating, uniting, coordinating and motivating the team of young volunteers who took part in and served as advisers on the course itself.

The second stage of the summer course was held at the CRI Santa Martha in the Seventh Section neighbourhood of Juchitán, involving our main stakeholder, with 157 children aged 6 to 15, 28 volunteers, 4 group coordinators, and 2 operations and programme coordinators. This summer course was also attended by the Juchitán Fire Brigade.

Both courses focused on the lines of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Climate action, health and well-being, gender equality and peace and justice, and strong institutions. With these actions Naturgy demonstrates its commitment to its owners and the Juchitán community through Bií Hioxo.

Se realizó la Segunda etapa del curso de verano en EL CRI Santa Martha de la Séptima Sección de Juchitán, atendiendo a nuestro principal grupo de interés, teniendo como resultado a 157 niños de 6 a 15 años de edad, 28 voluntarios, 4 coordinadores de grupos, 2 coordinadores operativos y de programa. En este curso de verano se contó con la presencia del H. Cuerpo de Bomberos de Juchitán.

En ambos cursos, trabajamos sobre las líneas de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenibles de la ONU: Acción por el clima, Salud y bienestar, igualdad de género y paz y justicia e instituciones sólidas. Con estas acciones Naturgy, a través de Bií Hioxo, manifiesta su compromiso con sus propietarios y la comunidad juchiteca.