Global Power Generation has two thermal power plants in the Dominican Republic that use HFO No. 6 as fuel and constitute part of the Interconnected Electricity System (SENI). Both plants have a total capacity to generate 190 MW. It has the corresponding certificates from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to operate within the parameters and regulations demanded by the regulatory codes governing these activities.

Diesel Engine Power Plant in La Vega

It began operating in 2001 and is located on the Pedro A. Rivera 1 motorway Rivera 1. in the province of La Vega, to the north of Santo Domingo.

It has an installed capacity of 87.5 MW.

The La Vega Power Plant operates five diesel-powered (HFO No. 6) Man engines each with a power output of 18,900 kW.

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Central térmica Palamara

Diesel Engine Power Plant in Palamara

It began operating in 2000. It has an installed capacity of 102,5 MW.

This power plant operates two diesel-powered (HFO No. 6) Wartsila engines each with a mechanical power output of 11,340 kW.

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