Cabo Leones II wind farm

Owned by Global Power Generation, a Naturgy Group subsidiary, and the Ibereolica Group and boasting an installed capacity of 205.8 MW, the Cabo Leones II Wind Farm began injecting energy into Chile’s National Electricity Grid (SEN) on 10 October with the connection of its first unit to the grid, fully expecting to have all its 49 units injecting energy by the end of 2020.

The wind farm is located on a 3,500-hectare plot of land close to the Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno (Freirina area, province of Huasco), in the third region of Atacama on the coast of the desert of the same name, 137 km south-west of the city of Vallenar and 610 km north of the city of Santiago.

Since the contract was awarded in 2016, the wind farm’s design was continually optimised until it achieved its current configuration, which is composed of 49 SG145 model wind turbines from the latest Siemens Gamesa platform with a unit power of 4.2 MW, a hub height of 90 metres and a rotor diameter of 145 metres.

This is one of the first 2 electricity-generation projects in Chile for Naturgy, through which the company will be supplying 550 GWh of electricity a year. It first came into operation this September after receiving approval from the National Electricity Coordinator for the energisation of the wind farm’s 33/220-kV booster substation integrated by a line position, two transformer positions and their corresponding electricity and control building.

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San Pedro solar farm

Owned by Global Power Generation and boasting an installed capacity of 110 MWn, the San Pedro Solar Photovoltaic Farm began its connection process on 24 October 2020 with the energisation of the Lasana substation, fully expecting to start injecting energy into the National Electricity Grid (SEN) in November.

The Photovoltaic Farm is located on latitude 22° 33’ 5.4”S and longitude 68°46’ 7,8”W in the Calama area, Antofagasta region, 18 km south-east of the city of Calama. It is located in the middle of the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile some 2,550 metres above sea level. The area of this site offers a combination of very high solar desert radiation along with relatively moderate daytime temperatures thanks to its altitude, making this area of Chile a privileged site for solar photovoltaic generation, which is expected to have one of the best capacity factors in the world for this type of technology.

The San Pedro PF has two practically adjacent sites called San Pedro de Atacama I (SP I) and San Pedro de Atacama IV (SP IV), which together have an authorised injection capacity of 106 MW into the SEN. A total of 234,696 bifacial 430/435-Wp photovoltaic modules, manufactured by Longi, have been installed at both farms.

The project was fully capable of supplying power on 1 January 2021, improving the electricity service in Chile by providing reliable, renewable and cheap energy.