Cabo Leones II wind farm

The Cabo Leones II wind farm has a capacity of 204 MW and is located on a 3,500 hectare plot of land in the municipality of Freirina, in the Chilean province of Huasco, in the third region of Atacama, 137 km south-west of the town Vallenar, in the Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno area. It is a place where sea and desert come together, inhabited by approximately 150 families, most of whom life off fishing or tourism.

This is the first power generation project in Chile for Naturgy, in which the company will eventually supply 858 GWh of electricity per year, entirely generated with renewable energy, with a mix of wind and solar power. The Cabo Leones II wind farm belongs to GPG and Grupo Ibereólica.

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Inca de Varas I & II solar photovoltaic power plant

The Inca de Varas I solar photovoltaic power plant is located at a latitude of 27° 0,20’ S and longitude of 69° 53,36’ O, in the Atacama desert in northern Chile, 1,760 metres above sea level, approximately 60 km north-east of the town of Copiapó, in the Atacama region. The Inca de Varas II photovoltaic power plant is 320 metres north-east of the first.

The Inca de Varas I project comprises 122.1 hectares of public territory on which it has environmentally assessed a plant with a higher capacity than the amount it is currently committed to, with 73.4 MW of power and 216,000 340 Mp polycrystalline panels.

The plant evacuation is reached by means of a 34,5/220kV lifting substation with 250 MVA transformation, which will be built at the sites where the Inca de Varas I (IDV I) photovoltaic power plant are located, and then interconnected with the Chilean National Transmission System’s Carrera Pinto substation using a 1.7 km 1x220kV electricity line.

Chile's Inca de Varas photovoltaic power plant
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