We are promoting access to culture among the young people of Hermosillo (Mexico) as one way to integrate them into the community


As part of our commitment to the local community in the vicinity of the combined cycle power plant CCC Hermosillo (Mexico), we are collaborating in free workshops so young people can learn to play the guitar in the network of libraries which will include the Municipal Institute of Culture and Art (IMCA).

This programme for promoting art and culture will last three months, and 20 students have already started to show their interest in learning the basic techniques of this instrument as well as in developing their artistic and musical skills.

Ramadán Salazar (Communication, Global Power Generation, Mexico): “By collaborating in this programme, GPG wants to promote culture among young people through their participation in art workshops. These are spaces where art is a key element in social transformation and cohesion. This way, we are seeking to channel the creative capabilities of those attending through rewarding activities and experiences.”

This initiative is a fundamental part of GPG’s activity, in line with our Social Relations Model, as it promotes the creation of shared value and offers opportunities that have a positive impact in the areas we operate in.