A global operator with ownership vision

At GPG, we are a unit engaged in the provision of Operation and Maintenance services to third parties. We offer the experience and expertise of GPG to power station owners requiring a very high level of results.

Supported by over 800 professionals from around the world and over 100 years of experience in the operation of power stations, clients obtain the same quality and level of service as received by all other GPG power stations from the outset.

International presence

Europe, America, Africa and Asia

All technologies

Hydraulic, combined cycle, nuclear, wind, geothermal, biomass

Todos los fabricantes

Siemens, Alstom, GE, Mitsubishi, Andritz, Voith, Wartsila, etc.

Besides being an independent service provider with no conflict of interests, having worked with market-leading equipment manufacturers and constructors, and having over 100 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of power stations, we look after our clients’ assets as if they were our own: meticulously caring for the useful life of assets, maximising their profitability, streamlining their performance and availability, and minimising their consumption and operating costs. This experience makes us an option that minimises project risk: offering increased security to the owner, financiers and insurance companies by facilitating management in investment projects.

To do so, we have developed such operational tools and improvements as CESOM – an innovative monitoring and supervision centre for the operations at all power stations owned by the company based on “big data”, which provides significant added value to our company. Our comprehensive management of power generation assets is supported by external audits and certification. The audits allow correct and sustainable management of the asset to be corroborated.


Our Services

We provide a unique service in two stages:

  • Short term: Mobilisation

    A stage prior to the launch of commercial operations by the facility. At this stage, we recruit personnel, implement systems, train personnel, get to know the facility, identify room for improvement from the standpoint of future operations by the plant, and prepare operation and maintenance procedures and plans.

ico_check_azulEPC design review from an operations perspective

ico_check_azulRelations with the regulator

ico_check_azulSupport for matters related to the PPA

ico_check_azulRecruitment and training of local personnel

ico_check_azulLocal community development

ico_check_azulSupport during commissioning and performance testing

ico_check_azulKnowledge transfer.

ico_check_azulAdaptation of maintenance to the expected product

ico_check_azulRemote control when operating a set of power stations

ico_check_azulEPC List of pending issues

  • Medium term: Commercial operation

    The plant is operated while seeking to maximise performance levels. To do so, efforts are made to minimise the consequences of maintenance actions while working on preventive and predictive maintenance that limits the amount corrective maintenance required.

ico_check_azulMaximise the availability, reliability and life of the asset

ico_check_azulStreamline the scheduled maintenance, net electricity production and fuel consumption

ico_check_azulMinimise wear and deterioration, unscheduled stoppages and the cost of unscheduled maintenance.

ico_check_azulStatus-based maintenance

ico_check_azulBenefits from the GPG learning curve on power generation

ico_check_azulOngoing improvement procedures

ico_check_azulThe best practices from the industry

ico_check_azulCorporate Social Responsibility

High value added services

We offer innovative value added services based on big data that clients can use to help streamline the management of assets: the CESOM, DOCE and UEM.

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Our Global Vision