Start of construction on first two photovoltaic power plants in Brazil


GPG (with 85% of the investment) and Gran Solar (GRS) have signed a turnkey contract for the design, procurement and construction of the two photovoltaic power plants in Sertal and Sobrao (Brazil).

The two projects will help meet the strategic target for 2018 of increasing generation capacity by 100 MW, with 80% of that using renewable energies. In 2016, we added almost 500 MW of entirely renewable, wind and solar generation capacity.

The commercial operation for the two projects will take place on 1 August 2017 and implies a record construction period of seven months. A power purchase agreement (PPA) with ANEEL will come into effect at that time, signed for 94 €/MWh over 20 years. Forecast production from the two plants in the first year is 154 GWh/year.

Each one covers an area of some 100 Ha, and almost 700 people will be needed to build them.

Key figures from the project
Capacity 2×30 MW (2×34.75MWp)
Technology Multirow Photovoltaic
Nº posts 2×14,700 (direct-driven)
Nº modules 2×108,000
Panels Canadian (China) of 325 and 320 Wp/unit
Investors 2×10
SET 34.5/69kV
LAT 200m in Sobral and 500m in Sertao


We use drones for the construction sites in reflection of our commitment to innovation, adopting new technologies that allow costs to be streamlined, production control to be systemised and daily advancements to be made with measurements of installed peaks, structure assembled and panels in position. This implementation facilitates quality and topographic control in terms of structure alignment and improved oversight, with safety being the main objective.

Current status

After completing the land clearance work, we have completed 50% of the earthworks and started driving the first posts on which the module structures will be supported. At the same time, both the perimeter fence and what will become the control buildings have been built. The first 12 MW in panels have arrived from China and 35 containers have arrived with the structure, which will enable assembly to begin.