Hydraulic energy

One of the oldest and most widely used technologies in the world, using the potential energy of water stored behind dams or flowing in run-of-the-river plants. It is extremely reliable to use and highly flexible, adapting to variations in demand, with a negligible environmental impact.

Projects in operation

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Torito (Costa Rica)

  • Potencia instalada: 50 MW
  • Location: Turrialba, province of Cartago
  • In operation: since 2015

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant La Joya (Costa Rica)

  • Installed capacity: 50 MW
  • Location: Turrialba, province of Cartago
  • In operation: since 2006

The Panamá plants are operated remotely from the hydraulic plant Dolega.

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Algarrobos (Panamá)

  • Installed capacity: 9.96 MW
  • Location: province of Chiriquí
  • In operation: since 2006

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Yeguada (Panamá)

  • Installed capacity: 6.6 MW
  • Location: province of Veraguas
  • In operation: since 1967

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Dolega (Panamá)

  • Installed capacity: 3 MW
  • Location: province of Chiriquí
  • In operation: since 2001

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Macho de Monte (Panamá)

  • Installed capacity: 2.5 MW
  • Location: province of Chiriquí
  • In operation: since 2001


ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Bujagali (Uganda)

  • Installed capacity: 250 MW
  • Location: Njeru, Buikwe
  • In operation: since 2012

ico_check_naranjaHydraulic plant Achwa II (Uganda)

  • Installed capacity: 82 MW (41 MW in each power plant)
  • Location: Angagura, Pader-Gulu
  • In operation: since 2019

Project Portfolio