Wind power is one of the world’s most mature and widely used renewable technologies, using the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity. It is a clean, inexhaustible and extremely environmentally-friendly energy source. Its efficiency has made it a major part of Naturgy’s commitment to the future.

GPG has wind farms with an installed capacity of 234 MW in Mexico, 204 MW in Chile and in Australia we have a capacity of 270 MW between Berrybank 1 (awarded in 2018 for a capacity of 180 MW) and Crookwell II. 

Projects in operation

ico_check_naranjaBii Hioxo (México)

  • Installed capacity: 234 MW
  • Location: Juchitan de Zaragoza Oaxaca, México
  • In operation: since 2014

ico_check_naranjaCabo Leones II (Chile)

  • Installed capacity: 235.2 MW
  • Location: Province of Huasco, Atacama Region (Chile)
  • In operation: since 2021

ico_check_naranjaBerrybank 1 (Australia)

ico_check_naranjaCrookwell II (Australia)

  • Installed capacity: 96 MW
  • Location: New South Wales, Goulburn
  • In operation: since 2018
  • Investment: of 177M AUD

Projects in production

We continue to be committed to wind power generation, and we have the following projects under construction:

ico_check_naranjaBerrybank 2 (Australia)

  • Installed capacity: 109.2 MW
  • Location: Victoria, Corangamite And Golden Plains
  • In operation: since 2022
  • Investment: of 215M AUD

Project Portfolio

Explore our interactive map to see our portfolio of projects around the world.