Bií Hioxo Wind Farm concludes its summer activities with a group of volunteers from Juchitán


Bií Hioxo Wind Farm, through the community development area (Laanu), concluded the 2019 summer course with the Xquendas (Volunteering) community advisers, an activity carried out at the facilities of the Juchitán Ecological Forum.

Thirty-four volunteers were present and played an active part in running the 2019 summer course as group, operations and general function coordinators. It is worth pointing out that one of the main objectives of the summer course was to train this seminal group as part of the community’s share capital, providing training in leadership skills, organisation, cooperation and so on.

On behalf of Bií Hioxo, the wind farm’s social manager was asked to say a few words to the volunteer team and then, in coordination with Laanu (PEBH Community Development), issue the awards and backpacks as part of the incentives for these stakeholders.

With these actions through Bií Hioxo Naturgy is committed to the development of the Juchitán community with the creation of this group of volunteers that will carry out activities for its benefit.