Young Brazilian quilombolas return to the classroom thanks to GPG


GPG continues supporting a full scholarship programme to facilitate access to higher education for young people with limited financial resources in indigenous quilombola communities in the region of São João do Piauí (Brazil), where our photovoltaic power plant Sobral I operates.

This February, the young quilombola scholars are starting their second course in Law, which started with a motivational coaching session from a specialised psychologist to help the students focus on the new course with enthusiasm and a better attitude.

It is a comprehensive programme as it includes the full cost of each course, a complementary scholarship to cover extra academic expenses and support for each student through personalised tutorials and ongoing support from the GPG local social manager, in order to ensure that students keep up with their studies.

The scholarship programme is included within the social action plan that GPG develops in the area with the aim of promoting equal opportunities and driving socio-economic development in GPG’s operating environment, in accordance with the Naturgy Group’s corporate responsibility policy, which promotes the creation of shared value and positive social impact in the regions in which it operates.