Crookwell II wind farm


The 91 MW Crookwell 2 Wind Farm, near Goulburn in New South Wales, will support the commitment made by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to supply 100% of its electricity from renewable resources after the ACT Government awards the zone’s feed-in tariff rights to GPG.

The project, which is scheduled for completion in September 2018, will have 28 wind turbines. When in operation, the wind farm will produce a surplus of 300,000 megawatts per hour in a standard year, with zero carbon emissions, an energy supply equivalent to the electricity consumption of 41,600 homes in Canberra.

Crookwell 2 will be the first wind farm in Australia for Global Power Generation, which aims to close more long-term purchase agreements for other significant renewable energy projects by GPG in Australia.

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