Projects in Puerto Rico

EcoEléctrica combined cycle power plant

We hold a 50% stake in EcoEléctrica, a company that generates power from natural gas in Punta Guayanilla, Peñuelas, in the south-west of Puerto Rico.

EcoEléctrica began commercial operations in 2000, becoming the first independent power producer in the world to integrate a liquefied natural gas import terminal with an electricity power plant and a seawater desalination plant.

This power plant was the first project in Puerto Rico to produce power with natural gas and produces around 20% of the electricity consumed on the island.

The plant has a 540 MW combined cycle electricity generator that includes:

  • Two 180 MW gas turbines.
  • One 214 MW steam turbine.
  • A heat recovery system.
  • An electricity substation.
  • A 1,786-foot wharf that receives the ships carrying liquefied natural gas.
  • A tank capable of storing one million barrels of natural gas.
  • Two seawater desalination plants.
  • A tank for alternative fuels, such as propane and diesel.
Combined cycle

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