We develop and manage power generation assets from a global standpoint


We have an installed capacity of 3,250 mW in 8 countries and an EBITDA of 295M EUR (year 2020)



Map of wind, solar, hydro, combined cycle and thermal projects



Engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of assets and external plants



Why Global Power Generation

We are a company committed to the electricity energy generation business. We develop and manage power generation assets with a global focus by using hydro, wind, and fossil fuel technologies in which our experience guarantees success. We also offer our expertise to clients by providing engineering and operation and maintenance services for their facilities.

Global Power Generation (GPG) was set up by Naturgy Group and KIA (through its subsidiary Wren House Infrastructure) as a vehicle to channel its international power generation activity, one of the main growth vectors identified by the group. The fact we belong to Naturgy Group, a pioneering multinational group in gas and electricity integration operating in more than 20 countries and with 16 million customers, gives us the strength and confidence of a large energy group and the benefits to be gained from its experience, position and high performance standards. Naturgy Group currently has 9,335 employees, of which more than 50% work outside of Spain. As of 2020, the Group has an installed capacity of 15,333 MW, an EBITDA of 3,714 million euros and the value of its assets amounts to 39,545 million euros.