More than 4 GW and activities in 8 countries

GPG emerged in 2014 with the impetus a major energy group can give to a new project, but also with experience and strength from its extensive career in the generation sector. We are a company engaged in the electricity generation business. At GPG, we develop and manage power generation assets with a global focus and using technologies in which our experience guarantees success. We offer our expertise to our clients by providing engineering and operation and maintenance services for their facilities. Our main competitive edge is the fact that we share the same vision as the facility owner.

GPG has owned a generation capacity of more than 3.500MW in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Uganda, manages around 4.300 MW and added 510 MW in projects awareded in Chile, Brazil and Australia.

International Presence Mexico
Dominican Rep.
Installed capacity: 3,250 MW
Workforce: 520 professionals
Key figures Australia
Costa Rica

Integrated value chain

GPG has integrated the entire value chain in the development of generation business, by incorporating expertise on project development, generation engineering and the operation and management of power generation assets in a single company, while leveraging the support of the different areas of the Naturgy Group.

Having know-how and experience in developing projects in all electricity production technology (combined cycle, coal, hydro, wind, etc.) allows GPG to be one of the most expert developers in the industry.


ico_check_naranjaEfficiency and reliability

ico_check_naranjaGlobal knowledge management

ico_check_naranjaFocus on the business plan

ico_check_naranjaSafety: the absolute priority

ico_check_naranjaHigh level of internationalisation

Our figures


ico_check_naranjaWe own a generation capacity of over 3,400 MW and manage close to 4,555 MW in 8 countries

ico_check_naranjaBe belong to a leading energy group with more than 175 years of history and extensive international operations

ico_check_naranjaSpecialists in the entire life-cycle of a facility, from conception to decommissioning

ico_check_naranjaWe treat our clients’ projects and facilities as if they were our own

ico_check_naranjaA young company benefitting from 100 years of experience

ico_check_naranjaWe share the policies and rules of the Naturgy Group

Naturgy Group and KIA

Global Power Generation (GPG) was set up in 2014 by Naturgy Energy Group and KIA (through its subsidiary Wren House Infrastructure) as a vehicle to channel its international electricity generation business, one of the main growth vectors identified by the group.

Naturgy 75%
KIA 25%

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), a sound investment partner that owns 25% of GPG, is the oldest sovereign fund in the world and stems from the Kuwait Investment Board, set up in 1953. It is responsible for the management and administration of Kuwait’s General Reserve Fund (GRF) and the Future Generation Fund (FGF), as well as other State funds in Kuwait.

Wren House Infrastructure  was set up in 2013 to globally manage all KIA infrastructure investments. The sovereign fund is focused on the long-term creation of a sustainable infrastructure platform and forms part of various projects as an investment partner.


What we do

We develop and manage power generation assets with a global focus.


How we work

We apply our expertise with commitment and responsibility.


Our team

Over 800 professionals and experts.



We have over 100 years of experience in electricity generation.