Next-generation thermal plants, more efficient and cleaner

In combined cycle power plants we generate energy through the direct combustion of natural gas and by recovering the waste gases from this process to get more new energy. This gives 55% efficiency, while conventional thermal power stations cannot exceed 30%..

GPG has an installed capacity of 2,448 MW in Mexico and Puerto Rico and operates 516 MW more for external clients in Mexico


15 years

International Presence

Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico

We work with

Alstom, Mitsubishi, Siemens and General Electric

We have the capacity to manage TSA, Full O&M, BOO and LTSA projects, reinforced with the support of Specialist Supervision (SE) for supervision by technicians and CESOM (Operation and Maintenance Supervision Centre).

The most notable indicators of our performance in the competitive sector of combined cycle generation include high availability and theimplementation of improvements to reduce specific consumption, leading to better results.

The operations are complemented by numerous corporate social responsibility programmes with the communities in the vicinity of the plants, which help improve relations with the surrounding environment year after year, improving the image of our brand and know-how. Successful results from regular audits are an annual confirmation of our clear commitment to safety, quality and the environment.


The assets currently in operation under the GPG umbrella include:

ico_check_naranjaCCC Hermosillo (Mexico):  The first combined cycle power plant built by the Naturgy in Mexico. It began commercial operations in October 2001 and has a generation power of 250 MW.

ico_check_naranjaCCC Naco Nogales (Mexico):  It has a power plant with a generation power of 308 MW and a wastewater treatment plant which can produce 450 m3/h from the waters of the city of Agua Prieta. It has been operating commercially since October 2003.

ico_check_naranjaCCC Tuxpan (Mexico): With 983 MW, this plant has the largest installed capacity in GPG and one of the largest in Mexico. Operating since 2003.

ico_check_naranjaCCC Norte Durango (Mexico): With this 480 MW combined cycle power plant, Global Power Generation reached a privileged position in the Mexican energy sector, increasing its electricity generation capacity to 2,000 MW in the country. The construction and start-up phase created over 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.

ico_check_naranjaCCC Ecoeléctrica (Puerto Rico): 540 MW, of which GPG owns 50%.


Notable third-party services include our work as the operator of CCC La Caridad (Mexico) with 500 MW. It is the first third-party installation to be monitored by the CESOM, the Operation and Maintenance Supervision Centre, leveraging the experience acquired with our own assets in order to optimise the management of others, comparing results and sharing know-how.

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