Inauguration of post-traumatic stress diploma with Bií Hioxo’s participation


The activities financed by the Oaxaca-Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE) Reconstruction Fund, which the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm is involved in, saw the launch of the Diploma for the training and accreditation of professional skills for the management of post-traumatic stress at the facilities of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Institute of Higher Studies of (IESIT).

This event was attended by representatives of the participating wind energy companies, in the case of Bií Hioxo, Ramadán Salazar. Staff from health sector institutions, education providers and the coordinator of the AMDEE Fund were also present.

At the start of the activities, emphasis was placed on the importance of emotional health care and having trained staff on site to take care of emergency cases.

The participating companies reached that conclusion after the earthquake last September. Consequently, they decided to back the diploma, which aims to provide participants with more and better tools to assist people affected by natural disasters and/or conflict situations that may affect their personal and social development.

Thanks to the funding, 48 professionals will receive a full scholarship to attend the 60-hour programme.