Crookwell II wind farm

The 91 MW Crookwell 2 Wind Farm, near Goulburn in New South Wales, supports the commitment made by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to supply 100% of its electricity from renewable resources after the ACT Government awards the zone’s feed-in tariff rights to GPG.

The project has 28 wind turbines and produces a over 300,000 megawatts per hour in a standard year, with zero carbon emissions, an energy supply equivalent to the electricity consumption of 41,600 homes in Canberra.

Crookwell 2 is the first wind farm in Australia for Global Power Generation, which aims to close more long-term purchase agreements for other significant renewable energy projects by GPG in Australia.

Crookwell, wind farm

Berrybank 1 wind farm

With the Berrybank 1 180 MW wind farm, which received an investment of 284 million Australian dollars, GPG has entered the top five independent renewable energy operators in Australia with a renewable capacity of approximately 270 MW in the region. The construction of this project started in 2019 and began operating in 2020.

The awarding of Berrybank 1 means that Global Power Generation can continue its strategy of international growth and renewable investment in a key market like Australia.

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Berrybank 2 wind farm

Berrybank 2 is a 109,2 MW wind farm located in the south-west region of Victoria, approximately 150 km from Melbourne. It is close to the already constructed Berrybank 1, so both projects will share some infrastructure, such as the already established Overhead Transmission Line. This new project will see the installation of 26 Vestas V136-4.2 wind turbine generators.

This project awarded with a Power Purchase Agreement from ACT Government in September 2020 is the third project to start construction by Naturgy in Australia, following Crookwell 2 y Berrybank 1. 215 million Australian dollars (131 million euros) have been invested for this project.


As part of the commitments associated to the wind farm project, GPG will install a 20 MWh Battery Energy Storage System to be located within the Australian Capital Territory, that will allow support the ACT distribution grid at the Queanbeyan substation, in partnership with TransGrid, the Transmission Network Service Provider in the region.

GPG is also committed to establishing a high level of engagement with the local communities surrounding the wind farm and providing benefits through the implementation of an ambitious Community Engagement Plan (CEP), that will engage with the already existing Berrybank Stage-1 Wind Farm CEP. In practice, this will mean an increase in the already significate investment into the local community and a real opportunity to continue promoting the projects that are currently being developed with these local communities.