Wind power

We have an installed wind farm capacity of 234 MW in Mexico, 206 MW in Chile and 272 MW in Australia.

Installed capacity

712 MW


Power under construction

109 MW


Solar power

Our photovoltaic projects are mainly located in Brazil and Chile with a total power of around 258 MW.

Installed capacity

258 MW


Power under construction

182 MW



122 MW of installed capacity in the installations in Costa Rica and Panama.

Installed capacity

122 MW


Combined cycle

We have an installed capacity at combined-cycle power plants of 2,398 MW in Mexico and 540 MW in Puerto Rico. We also operate one 516 MW power plant for an external client in Mexico.

Installed capacity

3,454 MW


Thermal plants

We have a total of 190 MW in thermal power plants in the Dominican Republic.

Installed capacity

190 MW



We have a 20 MWh battery-based power storage system in Australia.

Installed capacity

20 MW



Power under construction

220 MW