Combined cycle power plants

In combined cycle power plants (CCP), we generate energy through the direct combustion of natural gas and the reuse of waste gases to produce new energy. These power plants achieve an efficiency of 55%, while conventional thermal power plants do not exceed 30%.

Projects in operation

ico_check_naranjaCCP Hermosillo (México)

  • Installed capacity: 283.5 MW
  • Location: Hermosillo, Sonora
  • In operation: since 2001

ico_check_naranjaCCP Naco Nogales (México)

  • Installed capacity: 364 MW
  • Location: Agua Prieta, Sonora
  • In operation: since 2003

ico_check_naranjaCCP Tuxpan (México)

  • Installed capacity: 1,180 MW
  • Location: Veracruz, Tuxpan
  • In operation: since 2003

ico_check_naranjaCCP Norte Durango (México)

  • Installed capacity: 570 MW
  • Location: Victoria de Durango
  • In operation: since 2010

ico_check_naranjaCCP EcoEléctrica (Puerto Rico)

  • Installed capacity: 540 MW
  • Location: Punta Guayanilla en Peñuelas
  • In operation: since 2000


ico_check_naranjaCCP La Caridad (México)

  • Installed capacity: 516 MW
  • Location: Nacozarí de Garcia, Sonora
  • In operation: since 2013

Project portfolio


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