Solar photovoltaic energy

Is a renewable energy source that produces electricity from the sun’s radiation. It comes from a renewable energy source and so its resources are unlimited.

Power production produces no emissions, operating costs are very low and maintenance is simple. Solar power installations use solar modules or panels as generators that capture the solar energy and convert it into electricity. This produces a constant flow of low-voltage electricity.

Projects in operation

ico_check_naranjaSobral I photovoltaic power plant (Brazil)

  • Installed capacity: 35.13 MW
  • Number of modules: more than 118,000
  • Location: São João do Piauí, Piauí
  • In operation: since 2017

ico_check_naranjaSertao I photovoltaic power plant (Brazil)

  • Installed capacity: 35.16 MW
  • Number of modules: more than 119,000
  • Location: João Costa, Piauí
  • In operation: since 2017

ico_check_naranjaGuimarânia I & II photovoltaic power plant (Brazil)

  • Installed capacity: 82 MW
  • Number of modules: 123,750 Guimarânia I y 125,370  Guimarânia II
  • Location: Minas Gerais, Guimarania
  • In operation: since 2018

ico_check_naranjaSan Pedro photovoltaic power plant (Chile)

  • Installed capacity: 102 MW
  • Number of modules: more than 234,696
  • Location: Calama, Antofagasta Region
  • In operation: since 2021

Projects under construction

ico_check_naranjaCantera, Palermo, Milano, Torino, Cauquenes and Ratulemus photovoltaic plants (Chile)

  • Installed power: 57 MW (Sum of all the plants)
  • Location: Region Metropolitana and Region del Maule
  • Will be operational: in 2022

ico_check_naranjaCunderdin Solar and Battery Storage Hybrid Project (Australia)

  • Installed power: 125 MW (photovoltaic) + 220 MW (batteries)
  • Number of modules: Approximately 229,500 modules
  • Location: Cunderdin, Western Austrlia
  • Will be operational: since 2024

Project Portfolio

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