Don’t miss the activities that GPG República Dominicana carried out during Health and Safety Week

The Palamara and La Vega coal-fired power stations celebrated Health and Safety Week from 22 to 26 April, coinciding with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, commemorated on 28 April. This year, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has emphasised the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health.


The highlights of Health and Safety Week were as follows:


Monday, April 22nd:

Heat Stress Awareness

A video was presented on the impact of heat stress in the work environment, providing vital information for risk prevention in extreme temperatures.


Thursday, April 25th:

Health and Safety Meeting – Power Stations

A meeting focused on the dissemination of learning on heat stress was held, followed by a talk on “Mindful Eating Techniques” at the Palamara and La Vega Education Centre.

Safety Talk 2024: World Day for Safety and Health at Work

It was held in the morning, from 11:00 to 11:30. The event began with an introduction and welcome to all attendees, followed by a talk on overall well-being and artificial intelligence in the workplace. However, the most anticipated moment was the presentation of awards to employees who stood out in Health and Safety during 2023.


Talk on “Mindful Eating Techniques”: 

This talk was held to promote conscious and healthy eating habits, fostering a good relationship with food among staff members.


Activity “Are You Aware of the Effect of Climate Change on Your Working Environment?”:

This activity, held from 14:30 to 15:30, was divided into six parts:

  1. Understanding the impact of Climate Change at work.
  2. Linking Climate Change to our facilities and environment.
  3. Sharing the correct approach to scenarios.
  4. Evaluating the results of the working groups.
  5. Announcing the winners.


Talks: Global Health and Safety Plan

A one-hour briefing on the company’s global health and safety plan. It was held online and attended by Jorge Barredo, Pedro Larrea, Enrique Tapia and Carlos Vecino, with Paula Zapata as the moderator.


Friday, 26 April:

Recertification of Health and Safety Programmes

Recertification activities were organised for the health and safety programs at the Palamara and La Vega power stations. The event was organised by the Ministry of Labour, which awarded certificates for the health and safety programmes to companies that completed and complied with the requirements of Regulation 522-06 on health and safety in the Dominican Republic.


Health Challenge: 15 Days of Wellness, a Challenge for My Life! 

The health challenge was designed to promote healthy habits that can help us improve our lifestyles across four key areas: physical health; social, familiar and spiritual health; financial health; and mantal and emotional health.

Throughout the challenge, 70 activities were conducted in the physical health pillar, 40 in mental and emotional health, 70 in social and family health, and 35 in financial health.


Colleagues with outstanding scores:

  • Zorelda Contreras
  • Danitza Frías Heredia


Colleagues with between 110 and 115 points: 

  • Raysa Johanna Javier Rojas
  • Darwin Miguelin Peña


Colleagues with 115 points:

  • Xiomara Aquino
  • Altagracia M. Lloret B
  • Juan Alneury Molina
  • Dahyana Rodríguez Almonte
  • Ana Isabel Cuevas


Don’t miss the pictures of our colleagues from La Vega during the activities:


Don’t miss the images of our colleagues from Palamara during the activities:


Health and Safety Week at GPG República Dominicana underscores the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, highlighting the importance of adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change in the working environment.