End of year actions and support for people with reduced mobility from CCP North Durango

Abraham González and 27 de Noviembre

In 2022, in collaboration with the Family Development Agency (DIF) of the city of Durango, medical equipment was distributed to the communities near the centre. This year, the centre itself took the initiative and carried out a needs assessment in the villages of Abraham González and 27 de Noviembre, focusing on people with motor disabilities, many of whom are elderly.

The action, which was carried out on 7 December, is part of the organisation’s members’ ongoing campaign for the month of December, which also includes donations for the mining tunnel.


Donation to the mining tunnel

At the heart of the state capital lies a tunnel-museum that showcases the mining heritage of the region, which dates back to the founding of the city during the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Spanning 280 meters, the tunnel offers visitors a glimpse into the state’s mining history.

We donated wheelchairs, including two for adults and several for children, with the aim of providing access to individuals who might otherwise be unable to traverse the tunnel connecting Plaza Juan Pablo II to the front of the archbishopric. This will enable them to appreciate the rich mining history of the state.


Delivery of computer room at primary school in the Carlos Real Community

Carlos Real Primary School urgently needed to renovate the roof of one of its classrooms as it was in a poor state of repair. As soon as the roof construction is completed, this space will be converted into GPG’s computer room.


New Year’s Eve lunch

On December 13, the winners of the CCP North Durango Integral Health Challenge treated their colleagues to a barbecue pork meal as a way to foster camaraderie and celebrate the upcoming end of the year.


Images taken during the year-end activities of CCP North Durango:


Through these initiatives, CCP Norte Durango remains committed to fostering community relations and advancing our corporate values.