GPG Australia and Nature Advisory collaborate to safeguard wildlife in wind farms

Nature Advisory has produced a video to underscore the crucial role of its detection dogs during wildlife studies in wind farms. It serves as a vital tool to showcase how these specialized canines play an essential part in preserving wildlife in wind energy environments.

Nature Advisory, renowned for its dedication to conservation and the environment, has expanded its services to GPG Australia, implementing the same innovative process in their wind farms there.

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The decision to use detection dogs is rooted in the challenge of visually identifying affected wildlife, given challenging conditions such as size, color, and physical state. Despite these obstacles, Nature Advisory believes that the dogs’ sense of smell is a highly effective method for tracking these animals. It emphasizes that the canines undergo continuous training and assessments to perfect their skills.

This collaborative initiative underscores the importance of cross-sector collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable practices in the wind energy industry and biodiversity conservation.

Technology and strategic collaboration can be powerful tools in protecting our natural environment.