GPG Mexico celebrates the 21st anniversary of Tuxpan III and IV (Veracruz, Mexico)

On 23 May, the Tuxpan III and IV combined-cycle power station celebrated its 21st anniversary in operation. To commemorate this important milestone, a meal and a small anniversary celebration was organised, where the plant’s workers gathered to celebrate the success and longevity of the facility.

During the celebration, there were various dynamics and activities designed to encourage coexistence and strengthen the bonds between team members. These moments of relaxation allowed employees to unwind and enjoy a well-deserved recognition for their dedication and commitment.

The Tuxpan III and IV combined-cycle power station, known for its efficiency and reliability in power generation, has played a crucial role in the region’s electricity supply. Its operation has been instrumental in meeting the growing demand for energy and contributing to the economic and social development of the area


Throughout these two decades, the plant has implemented technological improvements and sustainability practices that have optimised its performance and minimised its environmental impact.


Some photos of the team taken throughout the day:

This celebration of 21 years in operation marks not only a moment of reflection on past achievements, but also an opportunity to look to the future with optimism and continue to work together to face the challenges and seize the opportunities to come.