GPG Mexico makes a donation to Cruz Roja Hermosillo as part of the Jornada del Millón  (Sonora, Mexico)

GPG Mexico has been contributing to the Mexican Red Cross for several years now, specifically to the Hermosillo delegation, through the annual collection called Jornada del Millón.

This year’s goal was 5 million pesos (approx. 255,000 euros) and, thanks to the support of local citizens and businesses, the amount was even exceeded.

The money raised through this initiative will be used for the following:


  • the purchase of ambulances for the Hermosillo coast.
  • increasing the city’s vehicle fleet.
  • the implementation of software to reduce the response time to emergencies, which in one year has dropped from 12 minutes to 9:50. Even so, the intention is to reduce it further, looking for the most optimal routes.

As representatives of the Hermosillo combined-cycle power station our colleagues Diana Dosamantes and Rodolfo Coronado took part in the event. The Hermosillo CCP contributed 100,000 pesos (approx. 5,000 euros).

GPG colleagues with the donation cheque:

GPG has a great commitment to health and safety and we thank them for this and for their great social work!