Learn about the progress made in the community projects of Tuxpan scholarship holders together with GPG México

The scholarship granted by Día Solidario by Naturgy  with “GPG voy a la universidad (“GPG I’m going to university”) not only represents economic support for a group of young people from the associated communities located along the Ruta de los Kilómetros in Tuxpan, but is also a means of boosting their personal development and fosters co-responsibility within their community environments.

Through their social commitment, the Tuxpan III and IV combined-cycle power stations have consolidated their role as a support network for these young scholarship holders: Adamaris, Nuria, Pedro, Jimena, Dulce, Mariana, Mari Carmen, Madai and Michel. With their collaboration, a number of community projects have been proposed focusing on key areas such as education, health, water protection and harvesting, as well as environmental conservation.


Preservation of the Totonaca language and caring for the environment:

Adamaris is a committed young woman who has focused her project on the preservation of the Totonaca language and care for the environment in her community. As part of her work, she has organised:

  • Totonac workshops for children
  • Clean-up campaigns
  • A cookbook featuring traditional dishes from her Linda Vista community

Her dedication doesn’t stop there, and she is currently exploring ideas for recycling and reusing plastics collected during clean-up campaigns. She also plans to continue to promote the preservation of the Totonaca language and to organise a festival of traditional foods in her community.


Day and night monitoring at the Nakú Kayám Sea Turtle Camp:

Dulce, Mari Carmen and Pedro play a technical role at the Nakú Kayám Sea Turtle Camp in the community of Villamar. Their work consists of carrying out day and night monitoring with the aim of contributing to the preservation of three endangered species of sea turtles: the green sea turtle, Kemp’s ridley sea turtle and the hawksbill sea turtle.

In addition to their monitoring work, they also run environmental education workshops for people of all ages, from adults to children, and carry out regular beach clean-ups. Their commitment to sea turtle conservation is evidenced by their ongoing work year after year, particularly during the nesting season.  


Installation of rainwater harvesting systems in primary schools: 

Nuria and Jimena’s initiative is to install rainwater harvesting systems in primary schools in the communities located along the Ruta de los Kilómetros

Their aim is to provide alternative access to water, an urgent necessity for communities in the region. In addition, they plan to design environmental education workshops focusing on water protection, harvesting and treatment, specifically targeting children in these communities. For this purpose, Nuria has gained certification as a rainwater harvesting system installation technician, which provides her with a practical and applied perspective on its installation.


Literacy for the elderly and empowerment of women through horticulture: 

Michel is a committed young man who has focused his community project on literacy for seniors, which addresses an essential educational need within his community.  

In turn, Madai and Mariana are enthusiastic young people who are developing a productive project for women. Their aim is to empower a group of women through horticulture, while seeking to promote their economic independence.


Learn about the progress of these different activities:

The tireless work of this group of leaders is an inspiring example of commitment to culture, education, the environment and women’s empowerment in the associated communities along the Ruta de los Kilómetros.