Learn more about the empowerment workshop with the 2.0 interns that took place at Tuxpan, Mexico

On December 20th, the empowerment workshop with the 2.0 interns took place at the “Community Engagement” facilities, located in Santiago de la Peña (Tuxpan, Mexico).

The session was attended by Jimena Reyes Cruz, Mariana Esther Solís Zetina, Dulce Esmeralda Cruz Méndez, Mari Carmen Romero Aguilar, Michel Guzmán Mora, Pedro Aníbal del Ángel Rivera, Nuria Yosuany Morales Cruz, Citlali Madaí Posadas Hernández, and Perla Mariana Salvador Roque as a guest speaker.

The main goal of this workshop was to encourage a deep reflection on the educational, personal and family development experienced by the interns throughout 2023. The session opened with a dynamic of integration through key questions, thus facilitating the understanding of the interns’ perceptions and experiences.

Subsequently, the “animometer” dynamic was carried out, exploring the emotions of the interns throughout the year, considering the key influence of three factors: school, family and the activities carried out at GPG. This activity revealed that family emotions have a significant impact on the educational performance of interns, and that school, as an environment where they spend most of their day, has a considerable influence on their state of mind.

In addition, extracurricular activities, especially their participation in GPG initiatives, were identified as having played a crucial role in strengthening their skills and capabilities, teaching them to contribute positively to their communities.

The interns shared the GPG activities that most impacted them, highlighting experiences such as environmental education at the Nakú Kayám Turtle Camp, their training as camp technicians, their participation in the exchange of experiences with young people from BíÍ Hioxo in Juchitán Oaxaca, their training as technicians installing rainwater harvesting systems and their participation in the Water School, Xalag Chúchut.

To conclude, each intern expressed their New Year’s resolutions, pledging to maintain academic excellence, to improve as individuals and to develop community projects that contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants of Ruta de los Kilómetros. They highlighted the constant support they feel from GPG in all their activities and expressed their desire to continue to be actively involved in future initiatives.

“GPG is my family”, Jimena Reyes Cruz.

“Being a 2.0 intern goes beyond simply receiving financial support; it means having a key that unlocks fundamental doors for my growth, so I can achieve my goals”, Pedro Aníbal del Ángel Rivera.

Images taken during the empowerment workshop with the 2.0 interns:

We thank the 2.0 interns for their participation and dedication. Thank you for being part of the GPG Mexico family!