Reforestation and family visit to the Hermosillo Ecological Centre (Sonora, Mexico)

Two environmental awareness and family activities were conducted with the staff of the CCP Hermosillo on 2 and 3 December.

The Nueva Creación primary school hosted the reforestation event, with a total of 35 participants planting approximately 100 native and endemic trees from the Sonoran desert.



A total of 54 people took part in the visit to the Hermosillo Ecological Centre. The families had the opportunity to take part in informative talks about fauna and flora, environmental education and the care of farm animals. An astronomy talk was also given, giving the staff children insights into the universe and the human journey in space. The children were even able to observe space through a telescope.


To conclude these activities, family gatherings were organised to promote the values of GPG and bring the year to a close.