Bií Hioxo wind farm celebrates ‘Mother’s Day’ for the second year in Juchitán (Oaxaca, Mexico)

As part of the pillars of the Community Relations Model, the team of the “Nacanu’ Bií” Community Centre of the Bií Hioxo wind farm invited the Zapotec mothers of Juchitán’s Séptima Sección and surrounding areas to participate in the Mother’s Day commemorative event.


Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th and is a very important date for Mexicans. Family, especially mothers, is the centre of social life.

For this reason, the celebration on May 10th is deeply rooted and reaches various dimensions.

On May 9th, at the Santa Martha Children’s Recreation Centre (CRI) in Séptima Sección, the cultural program “Mother’s Day” (Dxi xti xa jñaa) was held, with the participation of several students from different schools with which we have links.


These were some of the participants:


  • Irán Martínez López, who read the poem “La madre en el universo” (The Mother in the Universe). Irán is a volunteer (xquenda) at the Community Centre.


  • Mignahel Ruiz Ovando, from the 5 de septiembre Bilingual Primary School, who read the poem “Mi Madre” (My Mother).


  • Adirai Sánchez Noriega and Axel Antonio Hernández Santiago, students of the Technical Secondary School no. 103, who danced “Berelele” (alcaraván).


  • Joselyn Jiménez Santiago, from the Heliodoro Charis Castro Bilingual Primary School, who sang “Ojos Negros” (Black Eyes).


Activities and games were organised for the mothers and their children, and we enjoyed traditional regional melodies played by the children from the pre-Hispanic music workshop using turtle shells, deer horns, and reed flutes.

On May 10th, besides celebrating Mother’s Day, it is important to promote positive and respectful messages, avoiding gender stereotypes and restrictive traditional roles. It is also an opportunity to strengthen family bonds, foster shared responsibility within the community, and create meaningful memories that contribute to the promotion of peace.

The event was attended by more than 310 people, including children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors, who made the celebration an afternoon full of laughter and fun.


Here are some images from the day’s activities: