GPG Mexico donates a basket stretcher to the Zapotec Volunteer Firefighters (Oaxaca, Mexico)

The colleagues of GPG Mexico, through its Bií Hioxo wind farm, have joined forces to provide work equipment to the Zapotec Volunteer Firefighters in Juchitán, Oaxaca.

Every year, this Civil Association receives a donation of equipment or tools, which benefits not only the municipality of Juchitán, but also more than 10 towns along the Pan-American and Transisthmian Highway.

For this reason a complete DML CAM009 basket stretcher was delivered on Friday, 18 May, along with its safety belts and harnesses. This equipment is used for land, water and air rescues by helicopter. 


This type of alliance contributes to the objectives that the Bií Hioxo wind farm has with the Zapotec community, as well as with the variousorganisations in Juchitán, in order to guarantee the social shielding of its operation. 


Francisco Vásquez Jiménezpresident of the organisation, said “It’s important to have this equipment because normally there are car accidents or accidents in deep areas and we have to rescue people by dragging them, which can compound their injuries. But with this basket stretcher it is easier to evacuate and transport the injured”. He also reiterated the commitment and support of the Bií Hioxo wind farm, through the Social Management of Juan Castillo, given that year after year the Zapotec Volunteer Firefighters team has been supported. 


The equipment they have has been funded by donations from other organisations or with the support of the community itself


“Whatever activity they need, we can participate, whether it’s giving workshops to what we call ‘child firefighters’, or raising awareness to prevent household accidents, or for the community in general. We are co-responsible for all the support they give us, and in this way we can change the community’s perspective to protect its integrity”, explained Francisco Vásquez Jiménez. 


Here are some of the pictures taken during the day:

For GPG Mexico, carrying out actions and forming alliances is a key element in promoting participatory communities and strengthening the social fabric with the various civil associations in Juchitán, Oaxaca.